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Outfalls restoration.

In this scope of work RBA performs the rehabilitation and repair of outfall systems that are used to discharge stormwater. Wastewater or other types of water from a pipe or culvert into a receiving water body, such as a river, lake or ocean.

  • Conducting an assessment and inspection of the outfall system to identify any issues or problems that need to be addressed. This may involve the condition of the pipe or culvert, assessing the flow rate and discharge volume and evaluating the quality of the water being discharged.
  • Planning, based on the assessment RBA develops a restoration plan that will be used to rehabilitate or repair the outfall system. Activities such as removing sediment or debris, repairing, or replacing damaged pipes or culverts may be a part of this plan.
  • Implementation, the plan will be implement , that could include activities as excavation, grading, and installation of new pipes or culverts, erosion and control measures will take place as well.
  • Monitoring and evaluation, at this stage RBA will conduct ongoing monitoring and evaluation to assess the effectiveness of the restoration efforts and make any necessary adjustments or refinements.