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Cast in Place Box culverts

Box culverts are structures designed to channel water, such as streams or drainage ditches, under a roadway or other structure. Cast in place are typically rectangular and constructed on site, allowing for greater flexibility in design and construction.

RBA’s specific role in performing cast in place box culverts may vary depending on the project, some common tasks may include:

  • Conducting site assessments and analyzing the water flow and site conditions.
  • Developing plans and  designs for the box culvert, including determining the appropriate dimensions, reinforcement and materials to use.
  • Procuring and transporting the necessary materials, such as formwork, reinforced steel and concrete mix.
  • Installing pump around procedures if needed.
  • Excavating and preparing the foundation for the box culvert, including ensuring that it is level and properly compacted.
  • Installing formwork, pouring concrete mix.
  • Conducting internal quality control and inspections to ensure that the finished box culvert is safe, functional and meets design specifications.