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Milling & Paving

Milling and paving Works are important aspects of maintaining and repairing paved surfaces. They require specialized knowledge, skills and equipment to ensure a high-quality finished product.

RBA ‘s specific role in milling and paving works may vary depending of the project, some common tasks may include:

  • Conducting a site assessment and analyzing the condition of the existing pavement.
  • Developing a work plan for milling and paving work required, including determining the appropriate materials and equipment to use.
  • Milling the existing pavement to remove the desired dept and achieve a smooth surface.
  • Applying a tack coat (a thin layer of asphalt emulsion)
  • Laying down a new layer of asphalt, including spreading and compacting the material to achieve the desired thickness and density.
  • Conducting internal quality controls and inspections throughout the milling and paving process to ensure that the finished product is smooth level, and free of defects.